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Founded in 1984

Creation / Management of Companies

Creation of companies

in Switzerland or abroad

Do you want to create a company in Switzerland or abroad?
We take care of all the essential administrative procedures (contacting the notary public, the commercial register, possibly banks, resident agents for foreign corporations, etc.) and will hand your “turnkey” company over to you., etc.) et vous remettons votre société «clé en main».

  • In collaboration with notaries’ offices, we create all forms of companies provided for in the Code of Obligations (limited company [SA], limited liability company [Sàrl], partnership [SNC] etc.) and will make them into “turnkeys” for you with all the services you need.
  • If you wish, we will also put structures in place inside foreign jurisdictions (British Virgin Islands, trust ...) through our correspondents in Switzerland and abroad.

To find out more about Depigest SA’s services in creation of companies, use our contact form () or phone +41 (0)22 787 07 70/ +41 (0)21 552 01 72.

Management of Companies


Do you want to delegate the management of your company?
First of all, if necessary, we will provide one or more managers with whom you can develop a corporate strategy and make important decisions.
Secondly, we’ll take care of all the administrative management of your company using our administration and accounting services.

DEPIGEST SA is a trust company that has the necessary resources to provide complete administrative management of your company.
Apart from regularly and annually setting up your accounts, we are also able to provide;:

  • An entire administration department with answering service
  • Settlement of current administrative business (monthly salary and bill payments, contact with administrations etc.)
  • Handling taxes
  • HR support
  • Legal support
  • Regular meetings

To find out more about Depigest SA’s services in management of Companies, use our contact form or phone +41 (0)22 787 07 70/+41 (0)21 552 01 72.