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The withdrawal of BVG assets in danger (read...)

Since more and more people are claiming supplementary benefits, the Federal Council has opened a consultation (until 18 March 2016) on a revision of the social security benefits scheme. The most drastic measure to reduce the number of people forced to seek this assistance is to limit the possibility of receiving your 2nd pillar amounts in the form of capital. For employees, two solutions are under consideration: the first is the prevention of any 2nd pillar withdrawal once retirement age is reached. The second, more flexible solution would authorise a 50% capital withdrawal, with the other half received as an annuity. For people who wish to start up their own freelance business, any withdrawal would henceforth be impossible. However, it should be noted that these measures would only concern compulsory insurance. As regards all supplementary savings, the right to make unlimited capital withdrawals will thus continue.