Cyrille Tardin

Cyrille Tardin

The OECD today published the final results of the BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) project. As a member of the OECD, Switzerland has played an active role in this project, the final results of which were published today. The Federal Council has already tasked the Federal Department of Finance with launching the implementation process for these results.
In its session of 26 August 2015, the Federal Council ruled against the private sphere initiative, the main purpose of which was to establish banking secrecy in the constitution, read more:
The Federal Council has adopted the message concerning corporate tax law III. This reform seeks to reinforce the competitiveness of the Swiss entrepreneurial site. The aim of the reform is to abolish the special tax systems granted to holding companies, whose activities are mainly foreign-based. Read more,
Suite à une modification du Code des obligations, depuis le 1er juillet 2015, quiconque acquiert des actions au porteur d'une société non cotée en bourse est tenu d'annoncer cette acquisition à la société dans un délai d'un mois. Cette obligation existe dès l'achat d'une seule action. Les titulaires d'actions au porteur au 1er juillet 2015 ont un délai au 31 décembre 2015 pour s'annoncer.

In this section, which will be progressively expanded, you will have access to various selected themes that will be concisely handled, especially on the subject of taxation.

THEME 1: Overview of capital tax in Switzerland and in Geneva
THEME 2: Tax: what are the consequences for owners, domiciled in Switzerland, of property located abroad?

Trust Company DEPIGEST SA, was founded

in Geneva more than 30 years ago.

Its head and operational office is based in the rue du Rhône, Geneva’s economic and financial centre.
Since the start of 2015, DEPIGEST SA has also been present in downtown Lausanne.
With long experience and a constantly increasing and diverse clientèle, our company has nevertheless kept a normal size that lets it offer quality services using a kind of “family office” structure.