Le chiffre de la semaine 5:


C'est, en francs, la charge financière annuelle du congé paternité de deux semaines voté par le parlement. A noter que le peuple suisse devra probalement se prononcer pour accepter ou refuser ce congé (Source: www.tdg.ch).





Accounting, taxation, creation / management of Companies, legal advice

Geneva / Lausanne



Lausanne / Geneva


Geneva / Lausanne

Physical address, trust services, creation/management of companies, legal advice

Geneva / Lausanne

Founded in 1984

Our services


Depigest SA

Trust Company DEPIGEST SA, was founded

in Geneva more than 30 years ago.

Its head and operational office is based in the rue du Rhône, Geneva?s economic and financial centre.
Since the start of 2015, DEPIGEST SA has also been present in downtown Lausanne.
With long experience and a constantly increasing and diverse clientèle, our company has nevertheless kept a normal size that lets it offer quality services using a kind of ?family office? structure.

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